The Nine Lives of Omarosa

Just when you thought Omarosa was gone for good…she is BACK! For someone who professes to be so smart and brilliant, I don’t understand she why she doesn’t get a regular job and leave us alone. It seems she’d want to go back to working at The White House in the age of Obama. It’s been YEARS since she first came on the scene as the villain on The Apprentice and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. She’s been on four or five reality shows and has made numerous appearances on shows like Fear Factor. Omarosa is the reality star with nine lives.

Today’s Variety reports Omarosa and Donald Trump are teaming up to produce a new reality show for TV One called, “Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger.” Twelve men will compete for her affection through a series of relationship and business challenges. A bachelor will be eliminated each week. Now that sounds new and interesting, doesn’t it? And it's no surprise the show will be taped at Trump’s International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas. 

There will be a few challenges with this overdone dating format. For instance, how will they turn a witch like Omarosa into a desirable human being? Oh, yeah. She's in seminary school now. I guess that will help. And where will they find 12 suitors who want Omarosa? With unemployment at an all time high, this might not be a difficult task. The show should be called, “Who Wants To Marry This Bitch?” 

Anyone interested in tuning in to watch this show?

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