Another Hollyhood Report....

When I read there was going to be a sequel to Stomp the Yard, I was thinking, really? The Graduate Chapter? The PhD students still dancing or should I say, stomping the nights away? I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie. I watched compelled by the story while reliving my days of college past. But there were many moments when I struggled with the mustaches, deep voices and mature physiques. I just couldn’t get past how old everyone at Truth University looked, but it’s no wonder. When the movie was filmed Columbus Short was 25 years old.

A Hollyhood Report


TV Talk- The Good Wife

I missed “The Good Wife” Tuesday night though I had not planned to. After a mere two episodes I have found myself hooked on this show. With the many scandals we have witnessed in America, especially politically, starting with Marion Barry and Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford and John Edwards, there have been numerous “good wives,” who have (seemingly) stood by their man in the face of infidelity and betrayal. Its earth shattering enough to have your lover/spouse cheat on you.

Thanks for Your Support

Due to a back injury, I was slow getting out of the gate to promote HOLLYHOOD. But once I started, I was off and running and there were loads of folks there to cheer me on.

At my launch party in Brooklyn, people came out in the pouring rain to celebrate my accomplishment and show their love. A lot of people! Neighbors, co-workers, fellow writers, friends new and old were in the house.

An Interview with the Author

Brownstone Books - September 24th @ 7:00 pm

On Thursday, September 24th @ 7:00 pm, I will be at Brownstone Books in Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy to be exact. Hope to see you there!

Reading/Q & A/ Signing
Brownstone Books
409 Lewis Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11233

A or C Train to Utica

The Power of Books

A certain web designer has been imploring me to write blogs since and before he designed "You need to blog," he says emphatically each and every time we speak. It's not that I don't agree with him...kinda. It's just that lately I have been unmotivated and uninspired to write much of anything other than an email. Twice a week I wake up determined to write a posting and never get passed four sentences, which does not equal a blog. It's another email.

Past events

Barnes and Noble - The Grove - Los Angeles, CA

On Saturday, August 22nd @ 2:00 pm I will be at the Barnes and Noble @ The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. Hope to see you there!

Reading/ Q & A/ Signing
Barnes and Noble 2:00pm
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Barnes and Noble - Bowie Town Center - Bowie, Md

I will be signing books on Saturday, July 25th @ 1:00 - 3:00 pm at the Barnes & Noble in Bowie Town Center....Bowie, Maryland. Hope to see you there!

Barnes & Noble Bowie Town Center
15606 Emerald Way
Bowie, MD
(301) 809-1552‎

Michael Jackson, Our Prince

The rain and clouds covering New York fits my mournful mood today. Yesterday the world lost its biggest Hollyhood. Micheal Jackson. The young black boy from a working class neighborhood in Gary, Indiana passed away a 50. Michael was my first love and my family. We grew up together. He was at my birthday parties, proms and family reunions. There was never an occasion in which we did not play his music. Every kid in my neighborhood, in my school and in my family felt the same way about Michael as I did. Michael was our Black Prince.

My Main Man, Ty

Tyrone Hart, the main character in HOLLYHOOD, came to me years ago. He lived in my heart and mind way before I knew his story. And I could feel his spirit and energy long before I knew what he looked like. My characters are very much like real people, in that I get to know them little by little as I do friends in real life. Bits and pieces of character information is discovered as I go along.

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