Surprise! Oscar Lacks Diversity

My uncle once told me, black people can get a false sense of belonging. They become high earners, their circle of business associates and friends are white and their color no longer seems as prevalent as their money.

It struck me this week that the Smith family had become “the black people” my Uncle mentioned. After years of success in Tinseltown and making movies with the best and brightest, Will has shattered a glass ceiling. He is America’s crossover king, playing colorless characters. You know, characters a white man would ordinarily play. Studio execs take Will’s meetings, invite him to their Christmas parties, have The Smiths over for dinner on the regular. They pat Will on the back, tell him how funny and brilliant he is. With this blanket of white acceptance, the mega money and the successful movies, it appears Will has transcended his Philly upbringing, his hood days and even his color. Yeah…no.

Apparently, Mr. Smith had been led to believe a Best Actor nod was a synch for him this year. Instead, he got a negro wake up call when his film “Concussion” was not nominated for anything. In fact, no black, brown, or yellow people were nominated for a second year in a row. No surprise there, right? Wrong. In response to the lack of diversity, Jada Pinkett Smith, played the bad cop and spoke out against the Academy. Then Janet Hubert a.k.a. Aunt Viv claps back with a vengeance, a personal vengeance. Boom! Bam! THIS is more entertaining than the Oscars.

Jada suggests a boycott of the Oscars. Girl, please. Who’s watching the Oscars? That boring show. The young and savvy millennials would rather watch the latest episode of “Born Again Virgin” on TV One. They are streaming reruns of “The Game.” Or watching a bootleg copy of “Concussion.” Regular folks can’t relate to your Black Actors Matter movement, Jada. They are fighting poor people racism. You know, toxic water, police brutality, etc.

I hate to say it. Wait. No, I don’t. I honestly don’t have a lick of sympathy for millionaire’s who have temper tantrums because they didn’t get Employee of the Year. You made 20 million dollars plus! That should be award enough. Shut up and sit down until life gives you something to really cry about.

And why, why why are these people so pressed for an Oscar anyway? I have not seen any proof winning an Oscar will catapult one into stardom. Well, not folks of color. Can I get an Amen, Mo’nique?

Chris Rock is the perfect black man for the job. Could it be any sweeter for him? Hell, I got jokes so I know he has an arsenal. That’s reason enough to check-in during commercials of your favorite show.

P.S. I hope Ryan Cooglar and Michael B. Jordan show up with Sly for "Creed." Those brilliant young men deserve to be in that room and to have that experience.

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