Beauty and the Beast

Whenever I see photos of Rihanna with Chris Brown together, I am eerily reminded of my cousin, Crystal. As a young lady in her teens, Crystal was in love with a young man who beat her, leaving her body bruised and battered many times in the same manner Chris brutally handled Rihanna. Crystal was very good looking, confident and smart and though her boyfriend had a history of violence (he beat his other girlfriends), no one could convince her to give him up, let him go.

Then one night they were involved in a fatal car crash on South Dakota Avenue. Perhaps there was an argument or a fight. Maybe it was a scene from Mahogany as Anthony Perkins drives like a maniac to prove a point to Diana Ross. Only the two of them know what happened in the car that night. But Crystal died instantly from a head-on collision. Her boyfriend, who was driving, walked away with minor scratches.

My heart aches for Rihanna because I’m sure she’s ignoring her camp, not recognizing her worth and following her silly heart as Crystal did. But it's her journey and she'll learn soon enough that love and beauty will never conquer the Breezy beast.

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