Hollywood Ex-travaganza

Don't ask me why but for some reason I had high expectations of Hollywood Exes . I thought, finally a group of so-called friends who like each other, who have some etiquette, if not class. This new pack of exes appeared to be above the mentalities of project Basketball Wives and the Nee Nee’s of Atlanta, and those heathens on Love and Hip Hop. Here were five women who, at some point, have lived the type of luxury lifestyle most Americans know nothing about.

Sadly, it only took about four episodes of this reality show to snap ME back to reality. Yeah, I was dreaming. I was also hoping for some positive images of black women to contradict all the bad ones.

Here’s a breakdown of the Desperate Hollywood Ex-travaganza:

Nicole Murphy is the stunning beauty that towered over Eddie Murphy for years. One of the producers, Nicole stays in the middle lane and is the least interesting of the group. She’s down for whatever, but don’t expect her to take a stand unless it’s for a photo shoot. She’s had an epiphany since her divorce and has decided to start a clothing line for which she claims to be uniquely qualified to do because she was a model. Spare me. If we’re going to make clothes, I’d rather watch Project Runway.

Mayte Garcia is the ex of Roger Nelson aka Prince. This beautiful Boricua is my favorite on this show. Sweet, loving, and totally unpretentious, she’s still has some things from the past going on in that pretty head. Prince dishes? Girl, put that stuff on Ebay and move on. I give Mayte credit for seeking counseling and I’m rooting for her.

Jessica Canseco must have been shooting up with her ex, Joe Canseco. She can be mean and downright evil at times. Though I don’t think it’s always intentional. Privileged people like her believe they own the world and they are always right even when they’re wrong. Think Mitt Romney. She and Joe must have done some hella partying, because she still wants him back even if she has to foot the prescription pill bill.

Sheree Fletcher once the wife of the Fresh Prince, is now a preacher’s wife. Based on the amount of spirits she consumes, I presume the Lord called her husband and NOT her. She’s not the brightest entrepreneur (Whipash Lotion?) but she does have fire and passion. She’ll drink you under the table, give you a piece of her mind, then pray for you. I wonder if the first lady is going to take her crew to church?

Andrea Kelly. Nobody but Jesus knew R. Kelly had a wife. But Miss Drea is the show stealer with her vibrant, energetic personality. Good looking, smart and built like a shyt-brick house, she’s the best kept secret I’ve ever seen. "Check your email." Drea and her baby hair are dancing towards a healing. And since the producers have decided to go with“project girl” fighting, I look forward to watching Jessica wrangle with Drea. Cause honey, Miss Drea is going to give her a three minute tour of the south side that will send Jessica "Percocet" Canseco straight to Rehab!

Next season promises to bring us Daphne Wayans, ex of Keenan Ivory Wayans. I wonder if she's going to take us to her church.

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