A Barry Biopic

So Eddie Murphy dropped out of the Oscars. Boo! But my desire to see Eddie make a comeback was rekindled when I heard he was attached to play Marion Barry in a biopic directed by Spike Lee and written by John Ridley.

As a native Washingtonian, I witnessed Barry's first 12 years of reign and I have an affinity towards him. Barry came along when there were few black mayors in America. In his arsenal he toted intellect (Masters of Science in Chemistry), a civil rights background, charisma, and southern swag. His best weapon was his wife, Effie Barry. Effie added class and sophistication to Barry’s image. She was tall, slender, stylish, and educated. Think Michelle Obama.

Barry was truly the people’s mayor, representing the best and worst of us. He came into office and created a summer jobs program for kids (me), he ensured government contracts to minorities and he supported programs that benefited senior citizens.

During his second term Marion Barry lost sight on many things when his bad habits escalated, but he remained loyal to the people who had put him in office. As for those who did not care for his politics, Barry was unapologetic. He had no problem telling folks to kiss his black ass. And the people loved him for maintaining his blackness and his grassroots (ghetto) perspective. They would continue to embrace him after he was arrested for possession of crack. Why? Because everyone in DC knew someone on crack back then and he was their mayor.

A film about Barry has the potential to be very entertaining. Barry worked hard and he played harder. He could be spotted in the club, drinking any day of the week and he loved black women. Who would play Effie Barry? Or Rashida Moore, the bitch that set him up in the hotel sting? Or Cora Masters, Effie’s good friend, who would later become Barry’s wife? I see endless possibilities for this project. I'm sorry I didn't think of it first.

P.S. While I’m excited about the prospects of this film, I am totally sympathetic to the biggest victim in this story, Barry and Effie’s son, Christopher. I’m sure he’s had enough of it all.

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