Drive - A Hollyhood Review

“Drive” is a cheap title for the riveting ride this movie will take you on. Ryan Gosling stars as Driver, a loner with a knack for cars. He’s a mechanic and sometimes stunt driver by day and he moonlights as a getaway car driver. He’s a man of few words who smiles sparingly and just kinda stares a lot. But don’t get this guy twisted. He’s not the average dude next door, though he’s in love with the nice girl next door, which is almost always a mistake. Between the girl and the shady goons he works with at night, Driver ends up in a hot mob mess when a robbery goes spectacularly wrong.

The movie starts out with nice, easy strokes. You’re lured into believing it's a heartwarming love story as you fall for Driver’s quiet charm. Then suddenly the pace goes from zero to a thousand and your guard is down when you realize you’re in the backseat of a getaway car and a maniac is behind the wheel. Put on your seat belt folks and take a nerve pill because not only can Driver maneuver a car like bat out of hell, he can kiss and kill with disturbing intensity within seconds. All while wearing the same cool ass jacket and jeans.

The poetic soundtrack gives the film an opera like feel at times. The sparse and original script brings heart palpitating suspense to what could have been just another hoodlum tale. I'm not going to give it away. Get in your car, press the accelerator and drive to see this film, because it doesn’t get more gangster than this.

P.S. Holla back after you have seen the film.

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