Columbiana - A Hollyhood Review

Columbiana, is a triumph of sorts. It’s not often (okay, maybe never) that Hollywood gives us the pleasure of seeing a brown and sexy actress in a leading role when she’s not the help or the hairdresser. This makes Columbiana, starring Zoe Saldana of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, a rare gift from the cinematic gods.

Before I profess my like for this movie, I should first confess I have a natural proclivity for loners with assassin skills. i.e. The Professional, The Transporter, Bourne Identity, Iron Man. So, Miss Cataleya , played by Saldana, a lone killer from Bogata, Columbia is just my speed. She wants the heads of the drug thugs who killed her family and she makes this her goal in life. Thus, she doesn’t have much of one herself. I guess there’s just little time and energy left for love when murder is on the forefront of your mind.

I found some parts of this movie simply implausible. Wearing cat suits and going barefoot on killing sprees? Nor do all the dots connect to make the story complete. While Cataleya is a sexy and worthy protagonist, the FBI agent (Lenny James) who hunts Cataleya down cannot match her swag. He lacks sex appeal and fails to bring intensity to the screen. James just didn’t sell his role hard enough and as a result his big showdown with Cataleya fizzles.

Though Columbiana test your intelligence in places, it makes it up to you with captivating fight scenes, explosives that give you pause, slick and savvy thugs, who are unmerciful, and urban chic gear that makes killing drug dealers in a foreign land look cool, and sexy . Despite its flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed this girl- gangster flick. Columbiana is not a must see, but you won’t be disappointed if you do.

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