Wyclef for Prez?

I always joke, if you want to become a succesful author, actress, cover model or even have your own sitcom you should go into the studio and cut an album first. Hitting high marks on the Billboard chart will open all kinds of doors. The music artists seem to beat out seasoned actors for coveted roles. Take for instance; Mary J. Blige has been cast to play Nina Simone in a film. Really? And you don’t have to simply have a hit. No, sleeping with a successful rapper can land you on the cover of major magazines. And Fantasia confesses to be illiterate yet she landed a book deal. I won’t go on about this pet peeve of mine. You get my point, right? Being popular in music can get you the next big gig.

But this week, this notion went too far. Wyclef Jean, his stage name, has thrown his hat in the ring to become president of Haiti. I’m so flabbergasted by this preposterous idea I don’t know what to say. And apparently Wyclef doesn’t either, talking about the youth are urging him to run. What about his own personal reasons for taking on this task?

What could possibly qualify him for such a job? Has he ever had a real nine-to-nine job with his sleeves rolled up, reading reports, taking meetings? Is he familiar with the various seats of government? Does he know anything about the laws of Haiti? Can he read legal jargon? Wait! Can he read?

Wyclef thinks this presidency is a popularity contest and it might be. But when all the campaign parties are over, there will be some very serious work to be done to build the infrastructure of Haiti. And the people of that country deserve the very best man for the job. Not the most popular. Wyclef for President? As Bill Clinton once said, “It’s the biggest fairytale I ever heard.”

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