The Return of Breezy

Last night on the BET Awards Show Chris Brown, affectionately known as Breezy, made his first television performance in over a year. He hit the stage executing Michael Jackson’s dance moves like no one else can. (Sorry Usher.) And the crowd roared. I jumped to me feet, excited by the very sight of him doing Thriller. He KILLED IT. It was a victory dance, if you will, for those of us, who have been rooting for Breezy to come back.

Let me set the record straight. I have always been a Chris Brown fan. I’m not his demographic but I can appreciate any artist with real TALENT. Something many entertainers lack in this day and age. There’s innocence about Chris Browns image. Good PR. In a world of hip-hop artist who look thuggish, Breezy looks college bound.

Yeah, yeah, I know. He’s not so clean. He beat Rihanna unmercifully. I saw the photos. It was awful and tragic. I know all about domestic violence. I’ve lived within close proximity to it. And I suspect he’d probably hit her prior to this incident.

Domestic violence is FAR bigger than Breezy. It happens every day, around the world. Some of us see it. Some live it. Others just hear about it. If it is within your reach, say something, or do something. Holding Breezy back from making a living doesn’t change a thing.

I hope last night’s tears from Breezy were tears of remorse, that he’s truly changed the man in the mirror. Cause I’ll give a brother a second chance, but not a third and fourth. I don’t care how cute his saber toothy smile is.

A NOTE TO MY SISTERS: Don’t hit a man, if you don’t want a man to hit you. Enough said.