The Baby Food Diet

In HOLLYHOOD, Naja Starr is the in-house diva and co-starring actress. To maintain her slim figure she secretly consumes jars of baby food by day. And like many women in Tinsel Town, Naja fears gaining weight and getting older. Either one could send her into early retirement. It’s the sad, sad truth. But Hollywood executives and directors, who are mostly men, are unmerciful in discriminating against women of a certain age and weight both on and off the screen. The overall preference is anorexic, twenty-somethings.

I have often been asked what part of HOLLYHOOD is fact and what part is fiction. Well, I’m not going to name name’s on my blog (email me), but I can tell you I NEVER KNEW an actress who controlled her weight with a diet of baby food. I knew somebody, who knew somebody, who'd heard about it from somebody. There was rumor of a rumor. And in my book, it was more of a joke. Satire, if you will. Cause who would actually do this? But several years after writing HOLLYHOOD, fiction has become fact. The Huffington Post reported this on Wednesday:

“Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be the latest celeb to try the baby food diet, created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The diet involves eating 14 servings of baby food a day followed by a healthy adult dinner, and Jen has reportedly lost 7 pounds in the past week as she films 'Just Go With It' in Hawaii.”

See full article here:

To earn a living as an actress like Aniston has plenty of rewards (Brad Pitt included), but desperately trying to look 25 when you’re really 41 must be hell. I don’t care how much baby food you eat or how much plastic surgery you have (i.e. Meg Ryan), no one can defy physics for long.

If you're considering the baby food diet, don’t do it! It gave Naja Star a terrible case of diarrhea. As for the celebrity trainer who created this diet.... Yeah, Right! She read my book!

P.S. Thanks for sending the article Judy!

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