Another Hollyhood Report....

When I read there was going to be a sequel to Stomp the Yard, I was thinking, really? The Graduate Chapter? The PhD students still dancing or should I say, stomping the nights away? I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie. I watched compelled by the story while reliving my days of college past. But there were many moments when I struggled with the mustaches, deep voices and mature physiques. I just couldn’t get past how old everyone at Truth University looked, but it’s no wonder. When the movie was filmed Columbus Short was 25 years old. Brian White was 31 and Darrin Dewitt Henson was a whopping 34 years old. Damn! What school are ya’ll at? Laz Alonso has no DOB on He’s so old, it’s a secret. 

Stomp the Yard could have been a great vehicle for some young actors and been just as successful. What was wrong with casting Breezy (Chris Brown) in a major part? He was the perfect age. In Drumline there were lots of lesser known young actors. Nick Cannon was a few years away from being a high school graduate but at least he wasn’t a DECADE past the mark.

The working title is Stomping the Yard 2: Homecoming. Columbus Short (now 27 yrs old) is in negotiations to make a comeback. I can’t wait to see who else from the Gammas will be coming home to Truth University. And I can’t wait to sit home with my buttered popcorn and watch it on DVD. Hopefully, the story will match the ages of the cast. I know, only in my Hollyhood dreams. 

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