A Hollyhood Report

There has been talk of a Richard Pryor movie since he passed away in 2005. Things are finally moving forward with this biopic film and Marlon Wayans (you heard me) has landed the most coveted role of any black comedian, playing Richard Pryor. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard this. Not only did he replace Eddie Murphy, he knocked out Mike Epps and many others. Marlon as Richard Pryor? I don’t see it. Maybe he will surprise the world and own this role, the way Jamie Foxx owned Ray. Perhaps I’ve been sleeping on Marlon. As a true fan of all things Richard Pryor, I am hoping for the best.

What’s so good about Good Hair? The term is old and the subject of weaves is tired. After living and working in Hollyhood, surely Chris Rock has dated, worked with, or just slept with a weave or two or three or more. EVERYBODY (almost) in Hollyhood rocks a weave for many reasons. First, if you’re on a television show your hair can’t take the daily/weekly oppressive heat necessary for bone straight hair. Second, it’s the world of make believe, so naturally (or should I say unnaturally) they have fake hair to match everything else that’s fake.

This documentary was funny but could have easily have been aired on HBO. It’s too bad Chris Rock went all the way to India tracing the origins of weaved hair which is supposed to symbolize beauty. All he had to do was travel back to Brooklyn and document the MANY, MANY sisters who rock natural hairdo’s like it’s nobody’s business. In his very own backyard (he’s from Bed-Stuy) he’d have found symbols of natural beauty for his daughters to follow.

Who do you think could best portray Richard Pryor?

What did you think about Good Hair?

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