TV Talk- The Good Wife

I missed “The Good Wife” Tuesday night though I had not planned to. After a mere two episodes I have found myself hooked on this show. With the many scandals we have witnessed in America, especially politically, starting with Marion Barry and Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford and John Edwards, there have been numerous “good wives,” who have (seemingly) stood by their man in the face of infidelity and betrayal. Its earth shattering enough to have your lover/spouse cheat on you. Add cameras and 24 hour news channels into the mix and you’ve got every reason to jump straight out of a tenth floor window.

Julianna Margulies who plays the good wife is a little too good for my taste. She speaks too kindly to her cheating husband, Christopher Noth. Gives him a bit more respect than he deserves. She visits him in jail. PuLeaze! He’d have to call collect a million times before I’d answered. Even if I didn’t leave him right away, I wouldn’t be nice. I’d stick around just to give him back the hell he gave me. I’m all about paying a brotha back. JB said it best, “My patience thin. I want revenge.”

The good wife has gone back to work to support the family. A criminal attorney who set aside her career to stay home and raise the kids, she has reentered the work force where everyone seems to know her husband and as a more “seasoned” lawyer, she must compete with kids right out of law school. Her mother-in-law has moved in to help take care of the adolescent kids while Mom is working. The kids are very well adjusted considering what has happened. For example, they are not in counseling. But they are being teased in school and should be in. It’s an interesting show but in many ways, it’s all too perfectly laid out. I know its make believe….but I think that’s why reality TV is winning out cause it’s not perfectly laid out.

What do you think? Does staying through a scandal make one a good wife?

I think taking your marriage vows to heart and not cheating is a good wife.

P.S. I hear the show was just renewed for another season.

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