Thanks for Your Support

Due to a back injury, I was slow getting out of the gate to promote HOLLYHOOD. But once I started, I was off and running and there were loads of folks there to cheer me on.

At my launch party in Brooklyn, people came out in the pouring rain to celebrate my accomplishment and show their love. A lot of people! Neighbors, co-workers, fellow writers, friends new and old were in the house.

In DC and Maryland, people from Wilson (high school ya'll) came out to support a sister. My family was holding court in the Barnes & Noble in Bowie, MD. My cousin, aunts and uncles were there in full force. My mother and sister came and brought many of their friends and co-workers. Friends made in LA and Brooklyn were there. And friends that go all the way back to Riggs Park where I grew up showed up that day.

In LA, some of my nearest and dearest friends came out to The Grove. People who were there when I conceived Hollyhood. People I worked with back in the day. And a few who are still influencing me on a daily basis. And let me not forget, a new friend I made through Facebook showed up with her entire family.

Any writer dreams of support, but dreaming does not equate reality. I have been deeply touched and moved by the support I have received from family, friends and strangers. Those who purchased a book for friends, for themselves or just because it was my mine.

I would like to give a shout out to friends who texted and called or emailed explaining their absence, giving regrets. Out of sight did not mean out of mind. They were there in spirit and I'm grateful.

And let me not forget the many new friends I made. People who didn't know this new writer and gave me a shot. Many, many thanks to you!!

This journey is just starting for me. I have plenty more cities to travel to. Plenty more book parties and signings. And I have been fueled with confidence by the love shown to me thus far. THANK YOU ALL!!!! I am eternally humbled by your support and deeply grateful.



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