Michael Jackson, Our Prince

The rain and clouds covering New York fits my mournful mood today. Yesterday the world lost its biggest Hollyhood. Micheal Jackson. The young black boy from a working class neighborhood in Gary, Indiana passed away a 50. Michael was my first love and my family. We grew up together. He was at my birthday parties, proms and family reunions. There was never an occasion in which we did not play his music. Every kid in my neighborhood, in my school and in my family felt the same way about Michael as I did. Michael was our Black Prince. He represented us every where he went, a humble, well spoken child who could sing and dance his ass off. As kids we loved everything about Michael because he represnted the BEST of us.

But there was a price to be paid for all the joy and happiness Michael brought to the world. A price perhaps too high and complicated for any human being. While I was allowed to be a child, he was forced to be a grown up. He didn't walk to school and cut up with his friends as I did. I don't think he ever went to school and his family were his friends. Michael was rehearsing while I was at recess. He was on stage when I was at pajama parties. He was on a plane to Japan when I was going on a class trip to Wildwood, NJ.

In Hollyhood, Maxwell and Ty have a moment when they vehemently complain about being production assistants. Ty starts singing and dancing, "Like Michael Jackson said, They got me workin', workin' day and night. They got me workin', workin', day and night." Michael ends this song with, "I'm so tired, tired, tired now."

Michael, our Black Prince from the hood, as you take one last bow, I pray you get all the rest your deserve. Cause I know you are tired. You made music from your soul, you gave to charities from your heart, you sincerely cared about the world around you and you sacrificed beyond imagination. You gave all of us far more than we gave you. Rest in peace.

Excellent reflections on MJ

Still sort of difficult to imagine that he's gone, but his spirit that bellows from his music is buried deep within us!


great post! you're right - he

great post! you're right - he was at all our parties growing up. :) well said.


Ahh, Michael.

Sigh and cry. The memories will go on. I second your emotions; thanks for sharing Joyna...Tracee

P.S. Your picture is gorgeous!

Michael Jackson, Our Prince

Great blog Val. What a wonderful testament to a great performer and entertainer. Thank God we are blessed to still have his music. Rest in peace MJ!

Wonderful sentiments!

So very true Val....absolutely poignant reflections....

Nice appreciation of MJ,

Nice appreciation of MJ, Valerie. Thanks!

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