My Friend, Oprah

I love Oprah. I'll admit it wasn’t love at first sight, but over the years we have become quite close. You see, she comes by my home everyday around the same time. And she never shows up without a good story, a good book, a good joke or even a good recipe to share with me. It just depends on what’s happening in the world at that time. Because like myself, she stays abreast of what’s happening in the world and she’s involved. She’s also into spiritual things like I am. It was Oprah who turned me on to Eckart Tolle in a whole new way. Yeah, she eventually won me over with her substance and content, not to mention her grace and her class.

The home visits have been going on for years. Sitting in my living room or sometimes the kitchen, Oprah and I have laughed together, cried together, sang together and well, tried to dance together. Have you seen her moves? Ha! She’s taught me a million things and pointed out 2 million. My sentences start with, “Oprah said…” or “The other day, Oprah...” I unconsciously speak her name. That’s how deep we go.

But my dear friend Oprah never stays for more than an hour because she’s so busy. She has a magazine to run, kids in Africa to educate, homes to build for Katrina victims, fundraisers to give, a production company to run and all the other projects I know nothing about. (She isn’t one to brag.) So, I understand why she never stays for too long. And I understand her need to move on. She’s become too big and global for TV. Besdies, being the Queen of daytime has probably started to bore her. A person of her magnitude needs new challenges and demanding projects.

There will be a void in my life when her daily visits to my home cease and I will miss her immensely. She has accomplished what no other woman, black or white, has in this country and she has touched almost as many lives as Jesus. Her legacy is already cemented and secured in the history books, yet I know this workaholic is far from done. She’s just starting a new chapter, or more likely, a new empire and I will be waiting with baited breath to cheer my old friend on.

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